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If you are new to riding, or just to Exeter, and you are looking for some trails and muddy routes to be enjoyed all year round, Woodbury Common and Haldon Hill are the places to go!

There is loads of parking at both sites and it doesn't matter whether it is cold and raining or blazing hot and sunny (or even dark - lots of people night ride on Woodbury and Haldon too).

There are plenty of good all-weather rides in both places. In addition to this, you'll also find good riding on Dartmoor (Lustleigh Cleave and Houndtor areas in particular).


07 May
Latest Trail Developments & Haldonfreeride's 'Rendezvous' video

See the new rock causeway, entrance to the lower section of the red run and Haldonfreeride's new video - details...

1 Apr
Fool's Day Bash Report

You should have been there! Find out what went on at the first Haldon Fool's Day Bash! details...

25 Mar
Help @ Haldon

If you can spare the time on a Sunday morning, get up to Haldon and give the trailbuilding team a hand! details...

21 Mar
Haldon Aid & Fools Day Bash

Check out what happened at Haldon Aid and what to expect up at Haldon on 1 April - details...

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Details of where to find the singletrack and Northshore up on Haldon - Also find out what's going on with the new trailbuilding work... details...
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Find out the latest developments at Haldon Forest's new mountain biking centre - details...
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Visiting the area and want to know how to get to Woodbury or Haldon? - details...
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A total of 11 routes from beginner to regular racing snake provided with maps and waypoints for ease of use.

HaldonHill routes now included - details...

>> Haldon Hill

From the North: Come down the M5 and take the A38 up Haldon Hill towards Plymouth (right-hand split in the motorway). After half a mile or so, just before the brow of the hill, take the sharp left-hand turn off to the Exeter Racecourse. Turn right at the mini roundabout and then follow that road straight on until you come to a diagonal crossroads. This is the best place to park (either on the verge over to the left by the treeline, or on the grass in the middle of the junction).

>> Woodbury Castle to Mutter's Moor Route

Unfortunately there is not a great deal of biking available on Mutter's Moor itself because, as well as being quite a small area, it is also quite flat. The surrounding woods are also owned by a separate local forestry company, and whilst open to walkers, cycling is not permitted on their paths.

Reasons why you should give Mountain Biking a try

If you love to feel adrenaline rushing through your veins while you try to control your mountain bike downhills and on the challenging trails, you know that this passion is addicting. There are many reasons why a newbie should give MTB a try. Not only that there are always new climbs and drops to conquer, but it will make you set up some goals and you will be very proud of you once you will achieve what you want.

Explore beautiful places on your mountain bike

Whether you hop on your mountain bike in Exeter, in Haldon Forest Park, in Woodbury or other amazing trails, your eyes will be delighted with some of the most stunning places within England. Set up a few goals, to ride a certain ledge and speed up down a hill and you will enhance your confidence in your own strength. You have the will to do it and you will succeed no matter what you want!

Take your bike on a nice route during spring, when wildflowers bloom and they charm you with their delicious smells. The colourful flowers will cheer you up when you will climb on a difficult trail and your satisfaction will be increased once you will reach on top. The ups and downs make Mountain Biking a great therapy and it sure help you unwind after a tough week at work.

Stop on top of the mountain on your bike and watch the scenery laying at your feet. The beauty and serenity will enter your soul and you will relax suddenly, knowing that it was worth it every second of your pain. Your feet might hurt and your arms might get numb, but it does not even compare to the satisfaction and peace that take over your mind now. If you ride your mountain bike on a regular basis, it is the perfect excuse to make new friends who share the same passions and hobbies with you. You will no longer have to stay on Camplace, trying to connect with someone. Your friends will invite you to explore new trails and routes and it will feel great to venture on green forests together.

Stay fit and healthy with your MTB

When you want to escape the routine of your life and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, all you have to do is get your MTB and go in the closest park. But you can also go further, in forests that do not have any trails and where you can explore the wilderness around you. Just make sure you will not disturb the rabbits, foxes and other creatures that live inside the forests.

Last, but not least, Mountain Biking will keep you fit and healthy. If you do not like to go to the gym, getting your own MTB is the best way to lose weight and improve your overall health. You will have strong legs and well-shaped arms, but your heart will also pump more blood into your veins and you will diminish the risk of developing a cardiovascular disease. Hop on your MTB and try some trails!